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Calculate Your Diminished Value now, absolutely free!

Use our free calculator to determine your Diminished Value based on information that you give us about your vehicle and the accident. Our calculator will then generate your diminished value report so you can get the money you may deserve from your insurance company. Our calculator is 100% free with no hidden fees.

Step 1: Enter Vehicle

Our calculator will guide you through simple questions that will reveal the details about your car both before and after the accident. This information is crucial in calculating a precise diminished value.

Step 3: File Claim

Once you have supplied all required information, we review recent transactions that closely match the characteristics of your car, with and without damage. Next, we create an accurate valuation of your car, before and after the accident. The difference equals the diminished value for your specific vehicle.

Step 2: Get Value

After you complete the required feilds your free diminished value claim is ready to be processed.

Step 4: Pay Day!

Consumer protection laws are on your side. You may be entitled to compensation when your asset, your car, has been damaged by another vehicle and the other driver was at fault.

Enter basic information


Get pre collision value as determined by NADA


Collision repair key value modifires taken from the repair estimate/work order:


Note : It's ok to leave a field blank if its not on your repair bill.

Diminished Value

$ 0.00

Vehicle value after repairs

$ 0.00

DV Claim Summary

Collision Repair Key Value Modifiers

Frame Labor $ 0.00
Body Labor $ 0.00
Mechanical Labor $ 0.00
Paint Labor $ 0.00
Glass $ 0.00
Parts $ 0.00
Aftermarket Parts # 0
Paint Supplies / Materials $ 0.00
Sublet $ 0.00
Tax $ 0.00
Miscellaneous $ 0.00

Total Repair Cost : $0.00

Value Before Damage


Diminished Value Amount


New Value after Repairs


How did we determine this change in value? uses the information you have provided about your vehicle and the repairs made to that vehicle. This data and the value that you found at NADA give us the framework for determining the difference in value. And at this point is different from other diminished value opinions because when you enter the data from your estimate or repair bill, which we call Collision Repair Key Value Modifiers, the calculator will analyze each part individually. This analysis uses separate formulas for each type of repair charge. Frame repair has a different value from body repair, parts have a different value than glass labor, 2 aftermarket fenders have a different value than 2 original equipment fenders and so on. To put it plainly, these formulas account for the differences in value modification. Then all the differences yielded by those calculations are added together to provide the total diminished value amount.

Both the collision repair and the loss in value are measured and documented:

When your vehicle is involved in a collision an estimate and a work order are created to facilitate repairs. Those documents contain the procedures, parts, and materials used to identify what is needed to repair the vehicle. This collision repair blue print serves as a guide for the repairer but also becomes a very detailed document for the history of your vehicle. The value of the damage to your vehicle is carefully measured and documented and therefore can depend on that information to calculate and document the effect on the post repair value of your vehicle. To put it simply, since the repair blue print is a specific and accurate document for showing your damage, the value loss calculated by is also specific and accurate.

The information age and ethics:

Both the seller and purchaser of any vehicle will consider collision history as a part of the condition of the vehicle when determining the sale price of that vehicle. With the advent of the information age, vehicle histories have become a hot commodity in the auto sale industry. Dealerships and buyers alike know that a vehicle with a clean CARFAX report will sell for more money and more quickly. In many cases the dealership will refuse to take a repaired vehicle as a trade in or if they accept it they will wholesale it rather than placing it on a lot for sale. Consumers are also savvy enough to search out information on those vehicles they are interested in purchasing. Regardless of who is selling the vehicle the fair and ethical practice is to disclose the complete history to any prospective purchaser. Along with the repair bill that details the specifics of the collision repair, provides a simple and accurate assessment of the post repair value. has no interest in this vehicle: was developed to provide an instant professional post repair value opinion on any vehicle involved in a collision. was created by The Providence Group of Companies who have over 27 years of collision repair experience and over 10 years of evaluation and expert court testimony experience. The calculator takes into account the latest real market values of vehicles and the specific collision repair damage that was repaired on this vehicle. This diminished value assessment is the result of an unbiased determination of the loss of market value to this vehicle. has no interest in the owner of this vehicle, the purchase or sale of this vehicle, nor does it have any interest in the potential buyer of this vehicle.

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